Forever On Trend by Harry Derbidge

Harry Derbidge was born in Dagenham, Essex and spent he's childhood there, at the age of 6 Harry joined the 'Katie Guyton Stage School' In Barking and was there from the age of 16, He also was accepted into the 'Sylvia Young Theatre School' Agency Where he audienced for television roles and stage work. At the age of 11 Harry was picked out of hundreds of kids to be part of the UK 'Barney on Tour.' Harry traveled the whole of the UK going to massive sold out arena shows as a Barney Kid, but he's luck didn't stop there, at the age of 12 he hit channel 4's TV show 'Star Stories' where he featured as a Young David Beckham which was watched by Millions.

Harry then went onto working with 'X Factor' favorite 'Chico' Where he danced as he's backing dancer on the Music Videos 'X Factor' 'GMTV' and lots more tv shows. Harry was a very successful child who was very grateful for everything he earned and achieved at a very young age. At the age of 13 Harry moved to the famous Brentwood, Essex where he now lives. At the age of 16 Harry left school and was approached by Hit Reality TV show 'The Only Way is Essex' which made him a household name, Harry was the youngest cast member on the Reality TV show and was loved by all with hes funny personality and funny one liners, he appeared in series 1,2 & 3 of the show and then left to work on other adventures. Harry has worked on TV shows such a presenting fashion on 'This Morning', 'Celebrity Wedding Planners' 'Lets Dance For Sports Relief' with he's cousin Amy Childs, and lots more.

In 2013 Harry's love off fashion and all things sparkly became something he really wanted to focus on and get involved with so he decided to open hes very fashion boutique called Harry's World. Harry has always love fashion and amazing clothing and has always looked up to 'Gok Wan' so what better way then to open he's own boutique. Harry works very hard at he's boutique and dedicates alot of hes time to working with it. Harry and hes mum Karen run the store and they both pick everything that is available to buy. Later on in 2014 Harry Returned to the 'The Only Way is Essex' for a one off series. Now Harry has branched Harry's World online he says "I am happy that we are now also a online store and that everyone in the UK can purchase from us" "I love fashion and I love help out customers pick stunning outfits" This is only the start for Harry Derbidge.

In 2016 Harry's love for business grew when he decided to open he's own fashion eye-wear brand 'Forever On Trend!' Harry's love for statement sunglasses has proven to be a huge success already with a huge customer base and social media following 'Forever On Trend' is growing daily! Harry wanted the brand to be a unisex brand so men and women could wear the sunglasses! We see big things for Harry in business!